Sarajevo Yay.

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

The vibe here is wonderful. I haven’t really taken any photos because I don’t know how to properly capture how this place feels, I need to spend more time with it. The first evening I went out down the main street of the old town, I was swept into a tide of people all moving so peacefully. It’s hard to describe. I’ve never been in such a quiet, slow crowd.

No idea where I was going but I felt so safe and compelled to just go with the flow of people, so I did. Passing cafes, loaded to the brim with people, chatting, Arabic style tea shops with their low seating and fancy tea pots. More ice cream shops and people walking about eating ice cream than I have ever seen. A unique mix of Muslim and Catholic relics line shop windows.

The real treat came when church bells and the adhan both rang out. One after the other. I paused up against an old building that remembers a time not so long go when those things couldn’t exist peacefully. What a beautiful sound. I understand why these people are so peaceful, why the loudest sounds I have heard are religious calls and a little girl sitting on the doorstep of a shop singing her heart out to passerby’s. They value peace, the coffee shop conversations are hard won.

And I wonder how long it will be before it becomes like the rest of the world where everyone walks fast with their heads down. Sits with their phones out instead of with other people. How long will this peace stand in the way of progress? Lol….progress…I’m so hateful. (thinks to myself one day I will have enough money to move off the grid :)

Anyhow tomorrow morning I am headed off to Mostar area and to see the Kravice falls! Cannot wait to get out of Sarajevo and see a bit more of Bosnia. So far Im very impressed. The food is excellent, the people are friendly if not quiet almost melancholic in some way, I’ve never felt such a quiet city before. Truly, I hate cities, this one doesn’t even feel like you are in a city. From where I am at the landscape looks phenomenal. Can’t wait to see some of it up close!

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