Paris With a Stranger

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

A few blissful hours in Paris! It all started back in Marrakech really. In line to board my flight to Paris. There was a woman behind me, well sort of, we were unsure of who was first and playing the polite, “no you go first” game. At which point I noticed she was holding an American passport. Not entirely interesting except she was also wearing hijab so, kinda interesting.

“Where are you headed?” Ah, she’s off to Dallas but also has a long ass layover in Paris. The conversation gets going about the time she notes she’d love to go out for a couple hours and see the city, she’s never seen it…..but (insert long list of reasons why she’s afraid too here) Somehow it’s become my nature now to be completely unafraid? So I tell her without hesitation, Im headed out, you will come with me!!!!

When the plane lands in Paris, I wait for her, she’s hesitant. Really, she’s adorable. I recognize every single fear this woman has, understand them fully. But I also see the glimmer of hope, that she has this opportunity, and the desire. And I know if I just make her do it she will have an amazing time. All too often people are just sitting on a ledge they need to be pushed off, I know, I’ve spent sooo much fucking time there, and she has this in her, so I push.

I grab her and without missing a beat, find a taxi and we are transported to within view of the Efil tower. During the ride there I have the good fortune to learn about this woman that I am dragging into Paris for an evening. She is quite impressive, PhD educated, works in a lab in Dallas on Malaria research. From Morocco, she moved to the US when younger for school, has never really been anywhere else, but travels back to Morocco to visit her parents from time to time.

She of course asks what I do. In traditional Hijab, with a high powered job, for a brief moment I consider lying. But I have always told people the truth, it is important to me. So I do. “I am a nude model/ social media entertainer/ I dunno what I’m doing with my life, basically I get paid to be naked, inspire people, I’m probably going to start adding world traveler to that list now, I’m on some sort of journey, I dunno” Pause. Really? She is intrigued. And the conversation continues without pause.

First glimpse of the tower is amazing and I could really have given two fucks less about seeing it. Paris is just not my thing. But as we walk up to the tower, lights glowing, it looked magical. She was elated. Like a little girl. That was the thing I was going for…that was the second her worries disappeared. I watched them vanish. The rest of the evening was spent laughing, walking around, eating good food, like we were old friends. Pure joy.

We walked down old streets looking at architecture, giggling at the silly drunks and lovesick 20 somethings, of which there were just too many. And FINALLY at some point she even stopped paying attention to street signs like it was a game of memory. All fears of getting lost with no way back gone. Just enjoyment at the views, the sounds, and laughing with a stranger that was crazy enough to drag her out for an evening. Even taught her how to take a selfie :)

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