One Year

It will be one year tomorrow since I started posting on social media. I have mixed feelings about it on most days. I wonder how will this effect my kids? Is my husband actually ok with it? He says he is, but people don't always say things they are thinking. And as for myself, I've put my body on display. Something society tells us is morally wrong. Something I should be ashamed of. For my part I am not, ashamed.

It is a weird thing putting your "life" on the internet. People get this idea of who you are based on little snaps. I love that part of it as much as I hate it. And at times I wonder would they like me if they knew me?

I am not an entirely likable person. I'm crass and jaded at best. I never know what to say. I prefer to listen, at all times. Being naked has been the least difficult part of this whole thing. Its the words, or that someone may see though my bullshit that makes me feel vulnerable.

Mostly I feel thankful for the opportunity to live out a dream or two. I come from shit. Ran away from home when I was young in hopes of having a life I shouldn't have had the audacity to hope for. People like me don't get Cinderella stories. This is as close as I will ever get to it.