Sanding there pressed up against your warmth running my fingers through your golden locks like I’ve done a million times before, you are my comfort. The suns dripping down over the mountains painting the sky a pallet of riches on my skin. And I peer up over your shoulder to see him coming. I don’t know if my heart races or sinks. What is this? And he climbs in with us without a word his hand finds the same comfort weaving in your hair. Our hands move over you without a word, fire in my fingertips when they almost touch. Just two lost souls hugging onto the only thing that’s ever really been able to save us. You, a ruddy Palomino Mustang between us. He isn’t afraid of my quiet and I love him for it, he just stands with me and you and I’ve maybe never felt so understood. This was a weird chapter. He never felt good enough but I thought he was magic. He picked me up and spun me around and pulled me out of bed in the morning to dance with me, a horrible dancer but it was my favorite dance ever. He roped me to pull me in and kiss me, brought me a cinch when he knew I needed a smaller one proclaiming he didn’t think I was the flower type. He understood me. He made me laugh and smile. Believed in me. Held me. I wanted to hold on so tightly. I wanted to cry say don’t leave, no ones ever treated me like this. This is what it is, this is what I want. This is what I need. I didn’t know men like you were real. But I didn’t. I just said I hope you are happy. And I meant it. I really do want nothing but a heart racing joyful life for him. I knew he had to go. But he gave me a hope I put away long ago and maybe that was his magic. That night he stood arms open in that perfect falling sun, peaceful, warm glow and I didn’t want to touch him, didn't think I could bear it. But I walked into him for an embrace I’ll hold onto forever. He kissed me on the top of my head and I said “go”. I didn’t watch, just held onto you. I can’t say all the magic you have brought into my life but I could never repay you for it and I think sometimes you are my love story.