Time of Killers

Airports are truly horrible places. Or maybe I need a different outlook? Lets go with sarcastically amusing. Been sitting in Salt Lake City all morning waiting to catch a connecting flight. Waiting for breakfast the waitress walks up “can I start you with a bloody marry or a mimosas?” I am such a jackass I actually blurted out a laugh and continued on to order my tonic water with lime like a geriatric patient. This confused her. Because no one just drunks tonic water. FML.

Killing time, answering questions on IG. Moving around when the really self absorbed conversations next to me get boring or I simply cannot take anymore. People are really bored, it’s sad. And I look at them and I’m like you obviously have lots of money and the most exciting shit in your life is the damn dog on the reality TV show you won’t shut the fuck up about…and you wonder why you need anti depressants? Cuz I don’t….

That is rude and judgemental, but it legit bothers me. I know a lot of people like that. They just work, and work, and have no actual hobbies or life. They watch TV, everything they talk about has to do with everyone else’s life or something cool they did 10 years ago “before” they got responsible.

You can totally be responsible and still have a life. My husband is active duty military and I dont think there’s a day that goes by that he’s not doing something, or planning his next move, engaged in living. It’s a quality that has equally drove me nuts and kept me excited over the years. Either way, being satisfied with life stopping because we have kids and a house and car payments has never been an option. Fuck that shit.

Someone please kill me if the most exciting shit in my life is what’s on TV….that’s just lack of creativity. Fuck you could find more excitement walking around the block than watching fuckin reality TV….go live your own reality. Just my own two jaded angry cents😁….going to get back to it! Ha ha….the real reality TV😉