Fine China

The nervous me is a whisper in the back of my brain making me appreciate the new me sitting here enjoying my first full day in Czech, not rushing. I woke up slowly this morning to the sound of birds, day dreamed about how simply romantic this place is. Imagined all the passion I’m missing in my life and how’d I’d like to enjoy that in places like this. Then I let that all go. I need to stop that shit. I’m in a different phase. End of fuckin story. There are way more important things.

Enjoying my coffee now. At an array of antique chairs and table covered in traditional red and white checkered cloth. It is not posed and that is the thing that makes it appealing. Something about the whole set up is perfect to me, not to mention my view, ducks walking by my window keeping me company while I write. 

Last night I spent at least 5 mins deciding which mismatched piece of antique china I was going to use for my bread and tea. It was a glorious decision, careful smiles as I checked them all out. Alice in wonderland starring at fuckin china cups. I am truly insane sometimes, or truly gifted at enjoy simplicity maybe? No, the insanity came when I discovered I also had a rainbow of delicate old choices for a plate. My bread and butter was not going to look lesser next to my tea. Mind you I enjoyed this all crossed legged like a child under my chandelier. Glorious.

I’ve always wanted one of these gaudy lights that throw little rainbows everywhere. Ever since I was a little girl. They screamed princess to me. I’m going to fuckin enjoy it. Judge me, I dare you, I’m eating off carefully thought out mismatched china. There are special rooms for people like me. 

I have no concrete plans for today. May try to take the bus into Prague, or I may just stay here and enjoy the peace and quite. I feel people think I’m strange. What is this strange American woman doing here by herself in her cowboy boots way out in the countryside at the cheapest place she could find. Clearly I should be in Prague.

The chatter of birds and hens will always make so much more sense to me than the chatter of humans though. That is what I am doing out here. Being where I belong, where things are raw and authentic. Where dishes are old but beautiful….plus I got a badass photo of a snail last night :) they got some big ass snails here (crazy lady laugh) I may go watch the snails again…..snails and fine china…. I may be in Paris if it wasn’t so nice ha ha