Circus Monkeys

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Again I cannot sleep, different parts of the world keep me up for different reasons. I have one of those brains that wont shut the fuck up. Doug Stanhope the comedian does a good skit on this. He’s a happily admitted alcoholic/drug user, and when he describes his propensity to use because of the shit in his head, I get it. I wish I didn’t when I look at the guy and listen to the shit coming out of his jaded, angry, give zero fucks self..but I do. It’s a circus inside my head, a calculation, all the goddamn time, and it always will be.

Takes one stubborn, or stupid motherfucker to want to deal with that shit, I haven’t totally settled on which yet. Old Doug, he’s settled on stupid and I don’t blame him, cuz fuck if it doesn’t feel stupid thinking about circus monkeys at 3am when you haven’t slept in days.

Onto what I was going to write about….fucking circus monkeys.

Rarely, and I mean really rarely do I find men attractive. I know, I know, I shouldn’t tell yall that, keep up the Fantasy that I like to fuck everything in my path. Nope. I have free reign to sleep with whomever I want and truthfully I’m rarely even slightly interested.

I get on tinder mostly as a joke at this point. No, seriously I have a stash of screen shots of dumb shit I’ve found on Tinder. People concern me. Still just been that one guy. Everything else has been a wtf before it got started.

I had a moment in the market this evening, ah a moment. Yes i’m still capable. Its fucking adorable, someone buy me some new girly panties. Locked eyes with this guy, man was he my type of cute. He made every attempt to smile at me and bump into me throughout the store as I was bouncing through the isles with my friends. I suppose I could have said something but I am leaving in a couple of days and I don’t have the heart for any more of that nonsense.

Czech will suck for me. I am 100% attracted to Slavic guys. The more Ukrainian, Czech, the better…always been a thing with me dunno why. The closer I get to that area of the world OMG. FML…yeah I’m turning into a 16 year old girl I just used both of those acronyms in conjunction. Awesome.

I need sleep. Badly. I shouldn’t even be allowed near the internet right now. I’m going to hurt someone with my stupidity.

Yeah how about them circus monkeys. I’m going to go put on a movie and attempt to shut off the monologue in my head. Truly sorry for anyone that wasted their life reading this.

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